Us & Them – Kids in Ladakh

In the spring of 2009, I visited the magnificent land of Ladakh for an internship with a Non-Government Organisation. Part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir in north India, the beauty of the place takes your breath away! In this photo essay I share, pictures of some of the most wonderful people I met along those several journeys we took in Ladakh during our stint there. These are mostly kids, guess they very appropriately signify the innocence and simplicity of the Ladakhis.

Here they go.

Kids at the cafe

These were the kids of the owner of a cafe where we stopped while on our way to Kargil from Leh. Their initial shyness turned into playfulness as we continued to play this game of camera hide & seek with them.

Chhotu :)

The only boy among the kids at the cafe – but perhaps the most mischievous of them all. He had a running nose and the characteristic burnt cheeks.  But his eyes clearly give away the mischief :)

Girl at the cafe

One of the little girls over there – finally gave in to the pleads of the several cameras around her and smiled :)

Joy of a Chocolate

The amazing joy of getting a chocolate, remains the same across the world

Kids outside a house

Two boys in a house in Leh. The shyness associated with the kids in earlier pics was nowhere to be seen here. These guys were more like models posing for photographs. :)

Tibetan Kids

And here, the attitude is replaced by wonder. At the crazy thing, namely the cameras, that they saw with us. These were students at a school for children of nomadic Tibetans in Sumdho, near the Chang Thang plateau in south-eastern Ladakh.

Six eyes, different views of the same valley??

At a village by the name of Fanjilla. The weather in Ladakh is so harsh that you wouldn’t realise when the tan of your cheeks turns black from red.

School at Udmaroo

At a school in Udmaroo – Far north of the whole country

Mom & Kid

No words needed here – at Pangong Lake

Girl at Fanjilla

Trapped Dreams?? – A Girl in Fanjilla

Kids Salute

Signing off – with a pic of the happiest people I’v come across. Nubra valley.

This is the first in my series – ‘Us & Them’ – capturing the people I’ve met along my travels