Sound of the sands

Listening to Rajasthan

A barren land stretches to eternity on both sides of this empty road. Pale and lifeless, like the sands we just left behind, to the extent that the only semblance of life seem to be the tufts of the dead grass, rendered a golden hue by the Sun which refuses to relent even in the…

Nazar Eyle.. nazar eyle

Turkey – A Million reasons to visit

“Shahrukh Khan, Shahrukh Khan!”, go the bellows of the vendors behind you, competing fervently for your attention with the strong wafts of the spices on display, the aromas of Turkish coffee & apple teas flowing from all directions and with the spectrum of the colours of lamps that hang from the ceiling. You’re baffled, taken…

The beauty of the perfect road trip!

My Perfect Road Trip – Indiblogger Contest

I lie here all alone, in this otherwise dry neighbourhood drenched wet by the absurdly heavy Delhi monsoons this year. And I hate having to wade through these filthy swimming pools that the streets have turned into. Instinctively, I latch on the SUV around me and set on a trip that I hope would take…

Your Veg Trip around Turkey (via Tripline)

Veg-Tripping around Turkey

I turn this dripping sweet upside down and place it in my mouth. With a sound of crunch, as the top of the pastry crumbles over my teeth, the heavenly baklava melts in the palate. An invincible mixture of its butter and sugar syrup takes over & seems like I’m experiencing the whole of Turkey…

Havelis & Palaces

TravelByts’ photostream

TravelByts’ photostream on Flickr. Here are a few photos from my trip to the forts & palaces of Jodhpur & Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India. You may also like – Us & Them – Rajasthan Us & Them – Kids in Ladakh Of Sweetness That Travels – Dubai


Us & Them : Rajasthan

I was in the movies you made, don’t you remember? Pretty much a character myself, like the actors who danced on my soil, like those bangle adorned women whose songs echoed in my deserts, like the Rudali who wept through my sands. I was in your music when Aerosmith played the sarangi in ‘Taste of India’. I was…